The Cricket Association of Thailand has started teaching English to its non-English speaking players and coaches. The Association runs all its local courses in Thai in order to best spread the game to Thais but in order for the coaches in turn to develop beyond the basics and reach international standards, coaches will need to attend courses held by the Asian Cricket Council which are conducted in English. As such the aim of the “English for Cricket” program is to develop the candidates’ English proficiency to a level where they are able to participate in such courses.

Currently the “English for Cricket” program is in its pilot phase with 12 students from the Thai Women’s National and U- 19 teams. Participants attend classes at the CAT offices in Bangkok twice a week and have been running since the start of June. Course Tutor Khuram Gilani says “I see this program as not only a means by which the girls can improve their cricket, but it also presents an opportunity for them to develop themselves as people. A command of English will help open countless doors for these girls and that is what CAT is about, empowering people through cricket”.

Filed July 17th, 2009