Uzbekistan, a former Soviet Socialist Republic with a current population of 27 million, is potentially the next ACC member and ICC Affiliate.

“The country is brand new to cricket, but they have an interest thanks to the Mayor of (the capital) Tashkent who did his university education in Lahore. He wishes to promote the sport in Uzbekistan and has offered his support to the formation of a cricketing body in his city,” says the ACC Chief Executive.

Tukhtare Abdukakhkar H., Mayor of Tashkent, presenting a gift to the Chief Executive, July 2006

Uzbekistan, at the centre of Central Asia has had ties with East and West for centuries thanks to the legendary ‘Silk Road’ which passed through it via the trading posts of Bukhara and Samarkand.

Steeped in history, the people are a proud, hardy race who, as seen by their multi gold-medal successes in recent Asian Games and Olympic Games at boxing and wrestling, may well in turn show an aptitude for cricket.

Filed July 26, 2006