Development Officer, Roger Binny, was present in Brunei for a whole week where he held coaching sessions for the senior team as well as for various schools.

Visiting Ong Sum Ping and Muda-Hashim Secondary school, Tutong, Binny conducted basic coaching for some 50 teachers, a large portion of them being women. A coaching booklet, used in previous courses, was printed for the candidates.

Learning the ropes

Binny said, “They showed a lot of interest and were able to adapt to the booklet very quickly and in a matter of 2 two-hour sessions, all the basic topics were covered.”

On going to Temburong, Binny also pointed out that the District Officer was keen to develop the game as well as hold a tournament amongst the schools sometime next year.

The senior team were put through a series of batting and fielding drills in their preparations for the upcoming ACC Trophy in Kuala Lumpur this coming August.

Filed July 6, 2006