An ACC Level I Coaching Course has been held in Kuwait, one which promises significant progress. The 18 candidates were made up of six men’s and women's national team players and local schoolteachers. "They have promised to start cricket in their (Arab) schools," says ACC Development Officer Aminul Islam.

Kuwait’s Asian Games captain Mahmoud Bastaki (presenting) was among the Level I coaching candidates

The course was held at Sulaibiya over five hours on each of the four days, with indoor and cold outdoor modules. “I was impressed by how well it was organised and the enthusiasm and competence of the coaches,” says Aminul. The national team were also practising for three hours every night at Sulaibiya under new coach Biju George, formerly India U-19 fielding coach during the 2014 ACC U-19 Asia Cup. Aminul noted their progress, observing that “Kuwait looks like having two of the ingredients for success in January’s ACC Twenty20 Cup in terms of hitting and bowling variety.” The winner of that event goes up to the World Twenty20 Qualifier and a chance to play in World Twenty20 2016.

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Filed January 5th, 2015