Chiang Mai’s Golden Girls

After being a demonstration sport in 2012, cricket has featured as a medal sport for the first time in Thailand's National Games. Thailand joins Malaysia and Nepal as the only ACC members to have cricket as a part of their state sporting championships. "It is a terrific achievement, and a sign that cricket has truly established itself in the Thai sporting landscape," says ACC Development Officer for Thailand Venkatapathi Raju.

Gold for Bangkok Province

The 2014 Nakhon Ratchasima National Games, the 43rd of their kind in Thailand’s history, is an amateur event run by the Sports Authority of Thailand featuring university athletes. 45 sports take part in what is considered to be the most important event in the Thai sporting calendar. 38 Twenty20 matches were played among the ten provincial teams taking part in the event in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, close to the Thai border with Laos.

Chiang Mai’s Women won their expected gold medals. They have been peerless in the National Youth Games for several years. However, in quite an upset over Khon Kaen, who were fielding four national team players, Bangkok’s Men took gold after chasing down 174 with more than five overs to spare. “The Bangkok boys have two very good coaches and the juniors are generally doing well across the country,” says Cricket Association of Thailand Chief Executive Mohideen Kader.

“Pattani’s girls just missed a place in the gold-medal match after losing a close semi-final,” says Mr. Kader and it is quite possible that a couple of players from the tiny province in the southern tip of Thailand could be asked to travel all the way up to CAT’s Doi Saket national training camp in northern Chiang Mai in the future. Cricket has now spread to 21 provinces in all, with schools in each province playing organised cricket on a regular basis.

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Filed January 2nd, 2015