The Inauguration of the first Kuwait Banks Club League
Picture by Kuwait Cricket

Kuwait’s domestic cricket is flourishing this season with two leagues. The inaugural Kuwait Banks Club League and Shipping Companies Cricket Tournament (in its 11th year) are underway, and in spite of the cold and heavy conditions for the night matches, high scores are being put up. “You cannot imagine the enthusiasm for cricket here,” says Kuwait Cricket Director General Asad Baig. “For long we have been thinking of raising the competition levels for the players and these two tournaments are showing some good talent,” he adds.

Many of the games in the Kuwait Banks league are being played at the newly refurbished Sulaibiya Ground in the centre of Kuwait City and is thus ideally placed for the corporate workers who make up the teams. Two T20 matches are played at the weekend, the second one under floodlights which are making their debut this season. Sulaibiya’s lush outfield, a little bumpy still, has made boundary scoring difficult but the players have relished the true wickets and new dug-outs and dressing rooms that have been put in. Both leagues feature eight teams each, with many of the banks and shipping companies being of international prominence.

A number of current (and potential) national team players have featured in the games.

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Filed January 24th, 2014