The adapted football pitch at Chung Jang Cricket University

The 2013 season holds much promise for new ACC member Chinese Taipei. Two universities have gathered players, there is growing local interest and already talent has been seen to emerge. “There is quite a way to go yet, things are at the planning and pledging stage but if all promises are kept, Taipei will come up to a decent standard,” says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura who has been on an inspection tour of the country.

The Asia University in Taichung in western Taipei is planning to lay a cricket mat in the middle of a soccer field in January to allow regular games and practices and 300 km south, the Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) in Tainan is already conducting practices, on matting, on a baseball diamond. Former Hong Kong Cricket Association General Manager Danny Lai is helping the Chinese Taipei Cricket Association (CTCA) in an external administrative capacity and has been quite impressed with the attitude of the cricketers at CJCU. “I visited one training session, coaching starts at 4 pm, girls turned up at 3:30pm, rolled out the mat, nail it, brush it and level the ground before the coach arrived. All voluntarily. I don’t see this happen in most of the countries,” he says.

Fulfilling the requirements for Affiliate membership of the International Cricket Council is still some way away for Chinese Taipei, but progress is being made. The women have taken the lead as players there, “with the CJCU more prominent in promoting more players to try cricket,” says Mr. Lai, “with some boys already starting to play alongside the girls.”

Bandula Warnapura and Aminul Islam imparting some basics at CJCU

The players have already been featured in a local news show.

“You can't believe they have only been trained for one and a half month. Taiwan has huge potential in this region,” says the former HKCA General Manager. South Asian and Antipodean expatriates, members of the nine clubs playing cricket in the country, are helping with coaching.

ACC Delegates Visit as Taiwan Looks to Become ICC Affiliate
Chinese Taipei Starting

Filed January 3rd, 2013