The ICC’s current development slogan is ‘A Bigger, Better, Global Game’. The Cricket Association of Nepal’s seems to be ‘Think global, act local’. In an effort to sustain the success of their cricketers in the first part of this millennium, Nepal has launched a ‘Well Played’ program aimed at schoolchildren from 10-14 years of age. Structured training forms the core of the program.

National coach Pubudu Dassanayake started the program off at the Tribhuvan University ground with drills and training sessions followed by 5-over a side games for the 50 participants. Raman Shiwakoti of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) says “This type of program is aimed at involving as large a number of children as possible in order to prepare them for further cricket development, as well as occupy them after school. To a large extent, children who have not been able to grab opportunities and are in schools that for some reasons cannot afford to maintain their facilities to play cricket are the primary target group.”

CAN hopes that its ‘Well Played’ program will reach 30,000 children over the next four years. Practically an outreach community program in the way it aims to involve schools, PE teachers, coaches, umpires, volunteers and regional administrators as well as corporates, “the primary goal,” says Mr. Shiwakoti, “is to ensure that the best junior cricketers are encouraged to come forward, showcase their skills and push their chances to get selected for the national team at various ranks. It shall be among the best feeder systems for the senior national side.”

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Filed January 2nd, 2013