Presenters at Chongming: (facing, from l to r) Dr. Liu Jingmin, Aminul Islam, Peng, Mei Chun Hua

In what may be the first real sign of organic growth after several years of heavy watering from above, Shanghai Cricket Association with the help of Chongming High School (Chongming is a town 160 miles outside of Shanghai) has held a coaching course for 24 people. What makes this course significant is that it was funded solely by the participants themselves, who each paid 2400 Yuan (approx. US$350) for the privilege. “Normally in these courses everything is paid for by the ACC and ICC funds, this one was funded completely locally”, says ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam.

“The Guangzhou Asian Games in November 2010 has successfully created the awareness and inspiration among the Chinese,” says Aminul, the participants were very enthusiastic.” All the 24 teachers and sports lecturers had completed a Level 0 course in August 2009, after which they have been coaching cricket in their respective schools and universities. This follow-up course, not a full-blown Level I, nevertheless covering Skill Acquisition, Batting (theory and practical), Bowling (theory and practical), Fielding (theory and practical), Game Sense, Match Scenarios, and Basic Umpiring, “has helped them to come out from their comfort zone and to plan and organize their coaching,” says Aminul.

The course was designed taking the context of Chinese cricket into consideration. During this course, the participants, guided by coaches Dr. Liu Jingming (Level II Coach and Level I Coach Educator), Peng (Level II coach), Chue (Level I coach) and Mei Chun Hua (national player) discussed the strategies for Chinese National teams, age group and regional teams.

Aminul, who presented some modules during the seven-day course, indoors and outdoors on the coldest days of the year so far in Shanghai province, says that “China has been spoon-fed for quite some time. We on the outside know that cricket is a remarkable game, but for the Chinese, with so little exposure to cricket, it is good to see them reaching out for nourishment. Shanghai Cricket Association have done a great job in bringing together so many participants from three provinces and this could be the start of a real, genuine cricket movement in China.”

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Filed January 24th, 2011