"It's all about control. Bowling the ball in the right area, hitting the deck, top of off: batsman not sure whether to come forward or go back." Glenn McGrath

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Twenty novice coaches in Oman have taken their first steps towards accreditation with their participation in a Level 0 course in Muscat. Opening proceedings ACC Development Officer Iqbal Sikander said, “This course will help in motivating some to the coaches and trainers here in the country. I strongly suggest Oman Cricket should come forward with more such innovative ideas in the future.”

The three-day course was run by ACC Level III certified and youth teams’ coach Rakesh Sharma who was assisted by national team player Hemin Desai and Sandesh Dhuri, who are both ACC Level II certified. The participants were school teachers and current national players with Oman Cricket’s stated intention being to “develop candidates' knowledge and skills that in turn will be applied to improve the standard of level cricket in Oman.”

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Filed January 7th, 2011

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