ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam is on a three-week visit to Guangzhou to join national coaches Rashid Khan of Pakistan and Mamatha Maben of India to start preparations for the Asian Games in November. 14 men and 16 women chosen from 2009's tournaments and training sessions have been selected to take part in the camp.

"It's getting serious now. Only 10 months to go before the Asian Games. China as hosts want to do well and beat at least one more developing country," says Mr. Islam. For the first time, the bowlers will undergo a series of bio-mechanical tests monitored by Chinese sports scientists. China is the first ACC non-Test playing member to undertake this kind of rigorous analysis and January's is the first of three sessions scheduled over the year for bowling and batting. "By August we will have a complete picture of the team's abilities," says Mr. Islam, "and this will help us get the best from these players who want, like all Chinese athletes, to perform at the highest possible level."

Dr. Liu on-field at the 2009 U-19 Challenge Cup, Thailand
The deviser of these tests is Dr. Liu Jingmin of the Department of Physical Education at Tshinghua University in Beijing, one of the country's best institutions of learning. A certified ACC Level II umpire, Dr. Liu has umpired in the 2009 ACC U-19 Challenge and the 2008 ACC U-19 Women’s Championship and written a Cricket Manual in Chinese. “It has become clear that China needs to improve, particularly in batting. We are looking to improve the technique of our players. The results of these tests will be compared to that of Australian elite players so that we can measure our players’ performance levels and technique against theirs,” says Dr. Liu.

Not one to do things by halves, Dr. Liu has a track-record of success. “A similar test was performed on the Guangdong baseball team and it brought positive results. They went on to win a gold medal at the 2009 National Games in Doha. This is the first time cricket in China will be using this method of training and I hope it will bring positives,” said Dr. Liu.

Aminul Islam: Hands on in China

Mr. Islam says, “This is a very technical approach of learning for a player. When you can actually see where you are wrong in the technique, it makes it easier to correct rather than having someone tell you how you should bowl or bat. Being the first ACC team to use this kind of technology, it shows the tremendous effort being put into trying to improve the standards of Chinese cricket.”

Dr. Liu’s CCA Bio-Mechanical Program

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Filed Jan 21st, 2010