National cricketers Chetan Suryawanshi, Shoib Razzak and Pramodh Raja are spending three months in Perth to play in the Western Australian Cricket Association League in order to fast-track their improvement.

"We are committed to raising the standard of the national team and one of the best ways is to send them off to Australia where the competition is stiff,'' said Singapore Cricket Association Deputy President Mahmood Gaznavi.

Pramodh Raja, Chetan Suryawanshi and Shoib Razzak
en route to Perth


"In the coming years, we hope not only to repeat this programme but also to extend it to more players,'' added Gaznavi. "We also hope to tie up with some Australian schools and let our younger players participate in their competitions."

"This exposure will be good for us,'' said Pramodh Raja, 27, prior to departure. Shoib Razzak said: "Playing better teams is always a way to improve." And Suryawanshi, 22 said: "We know we have to work hard because there is the important World Cup League Division 5 next May."

Filed January 08 2008