(Picture by Hassan Mutheuu from Cricket in Fuvahmulah)

A distant atoll of the Maldives is taking to cricket. Two years ago they found themselves with a top-class ground, the Ahmed Ali Didi Stadium built specially for the 2011 SAARC Twenty20 Cup. There hasn’t been much cricket on Fuvahmulah since but the white elephant is getting a fresh lick of paint with the inaugural interschool cricket tournament organised by the Cricket Board of Maldives.

The 10-overs a side tournament for the U-12s is organised by the Fuvahmulah Island Council with support from the Cricket Board of Maldives and sponsorship from the Faisal Foundation, the tournament features four schools from Fuvahmulah; Atoll Education Centre, Fuvahmulah School, MJM and Hafiz Ahmed School, say the CBM. Activities on Fuvahmulah form part of the atoll’s and the CBM’s Youth Development Program.

(Picture by Hassan Mutheuu from Cricket in Fuvahmulah)

“The scores are showing that the cricket’s quite competitive, and it would be a terrific result for the Maldives if this program continues. Being able to play in well-organised competitions is a privilege for any youngster, and it is just these kinds of initiatives that grow the game. A few years from now, any number of these cricketers could be playing cricket for Maldives in international ACC U-16 tournaments if they are given the chance,” says ACC Development Officer for Maldives Rumesh Ratnayake.

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Filed February 26th, 2013