The two-year process which leads to rankings being established for the Asian Cricket Council’s non-Test playing countries has concluded with the completion of the 2009 ACC U-17 Elite Cup this month.

Singapore are top of the table, with Nepal and UAE second and third. A full-list is available here. The rankings system was adopted in 2007 to:

  • Categorize the member countries by performance in competitions
  • Motivate the member countries to have performance competition goals
  • Reward the member countries on their performance in ACC competitions

The ACC U-19 Elite Cup in August 2007 was the first tournament to start the 2007 - 2009 cycle . The tournament results which make up the rankings are the ACC U-15, ACC U-17, ACC U-19 and ACC Trophy competitions, Elite and Challenge, amongst the ACC’s 18 non-Test playing members.

“Singapore’s position at the top of the table has been achieved through no coincidence,’’ says Singapore Cricket Association President Khwaja Imran. “The performance of our various teams in the Asian tournaments has been praiseworthy and we have done well only because of the various programs put in place by the different people in the different committees. The players must be congratulated for their sacrifices.”

Singapore are reaping the reward for having a strong forward-thinking administration coupled with players who have consistently shone at youth level. “We will spread our programs now to reach other areas,’’ adds Mr. Imran. “Being No.1 is great. Now we must stay there and apply a fresh perspective to the younger lot of players.”

ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura says, “Overall playing and coaching standards are improving across Asia which is good to see. Administrators are taking management much more seriously now that they are aware of the penalties for non-compliance. Umpiring is on a firmer footing too and with the ACC’s desire to increase the number of cricket-grounds across the region, more opportunities to play even better cricket will follow.”

Saudi Arabia’s cricketers who have emerged with strong performances in the past two years at U-15 and U-19 level to finish in the top 10 of the ACC Rankings, had their Chief Executive Officer Nadeem Nadwi say that, “It will definitely energize our efforts to promote the cricket in the Kingdom. This will give our team an extra boost and strength to believe that, with honest efforts and hard work we have every possibility to go even higher on the ladder and improve our ranking further in next two years.”

“Countries that are having and developing proper ground facilities will be given a chance to host ACC tournaments. Kuwait, with four turfed facilities, is to host the U-19 ACC World Cup qualifier, “ adds Mr. Warnapura. The 2009-2010 ACC Rankings cycle will commence with the ACC U-19 Elite Cup in Kuwait in April.

Filed February 26, 2009