The three Asian teams playing in the World Cup Qualifier in South Africa in April -  Afghanistan, Oman and UAE – will take part in a specially devised High Performance Program in preparation for the event.

Afghanistan and Oman will be based in Sri Lanka from March 1 to 12, under the supervision of the ACC Development Officers Iqbal Sikander and Roger Binny, with Rumesh Ratnayake and Dr. Vece Paes also in attendance, along with their national coaches. UAE will join the others in Sri Lanka on March 5.

"This is the first chance for these countries to take part in the World Cup and they, the local associations and the ACC Test-playing countries want to do everything they can to give them the best possible chance of finishing at the top of the World Cup qualifier table," says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura. "The Test-playing countries have been particularly supportive throughout," he added, "with the ACC fully funding this HPP." The teams will be taking on Sri Lankan club sides and playing each other.

The UAE will be further preparing for South Africa by taking part in a competition with four English county sides in the Emirates in March. Afghanistan and Oman will reach South Africa a week ahead of the other teams to give themselves the maximum possible acclimatisation time.

Filed February 9, 2009