President Karzai of Afghanistan with his country's champion cricketers and the ACC Twenty20 trophy

Such was the joy unconfined amongst Afghanis after their team jointly won the ACC Twenty20 Cup with Oman last November in Kuwait, that only now have the overwhelming number of gifts of appreciation for the team stopped coming in. The final tally: US$ 23,000 for the team from President Hamid Karzai, the Governor of Nangrahar, the National Sports Committee and local businesses. Another US$ 40,000 was given by the Afghans in Kuwait to the team.

Furthermore. the Education Minister Haneef Atmar has pledged to construct a ground in Kabul for school cricket  and the Afghanistan parliament has promised a parcel of land for each player. In addition Afghanistan's captain Nowroz Mangal, in many people's eyes the Player of the ACC Twenty20, was also awarded a piece of land in Khost province worth US$ 60,000. Taj Malik, the Afghanistan Cricket Federation's Secretary General said "there  are so many  other awards, medals, cash prizes, gifts , free mobile phones, watches, certificates, it was very useful for  Afghan cricket. Now cricket is flying high in Afghanistan."


Filed February 01 2008