Chung Ching Middle School in Bander Seri Bagwan has become the second school in Brunei to start its own team. Its stated long term aim is to develop players for the national side.

"We hope that down the road, at least five or six students from the club will be good enough to represent the country," stated Sunil Krishnan, the teacher in charge of the club. The school will be holding cricket practices twice a week. A total of 17 students have registered to play. which is the school's latest extra curricular activity, and Mr. Krishnan is expecting more students to follow suit.

"Our short term aim is to develop a very good team capable of challenging other teams and clubs," said Krishnan. He expressed his desire for the school to gain more exposure by scheduling matches against teams from Malaysia in the near future, as there aren't many cricket clubs in Brunei.

The Brunei Cricket Association have donated plastic and traditional equipment to the school and fifteen other government primary schools. They expect to run a cricket carnival for young students later this month and run an inter-school competition in March.

Filed February 7 2007