ACC Development Officer for Malaysia Aminul Islam has taken 14 Level I coaches through a refresher course at the Kinrara Oval. “This refresher course has helped them to come out from their comfort zone and to advance their thinking. This course was designed taking Malaysian cricket’s context into consideration. The ACC and ICC have four tournaments lined up in 2011 for Malaysia. During this course, we discussed the strategies for Malaysia’s national teams for these tournaments,” says Aminul.

Showing the benefit of his own recent Level III coaching qualification Aminul’s time with the Malaysian coaches, assisted by S.Chinnadurai and K.M.Satchi of the Malaysian Cricket Association, was directed at not only creating better coaches but better cricketers.

The three-day course was held alongside considerable activity at the Kinrara Oval, with an Army v Navy carnival taking place at the same time. “It was interesting to see the attitude and fitness of the cricketers on the field, they held two catches in front of us which were outstanding for their nerve and athleticism. Throughout the course it was stressed that cricket skills should be added to core fitness, footwork and agility. These coaches are working with youngsters in the main and once a coach has good raw material to work with, a cricketer can develop. Top-class cricketers need 10,000 hours of skill-building practice. In Malaysia, let alone in many other countries, that may not be possible but every hour spent with a cricketer has to be focused and with an objective, otherwise it is a waste of time.”

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Filed December 20th, 2010