With the secession of the two cricket grounds at Po Kong in December back to the state, the Hong Kong Cricket Association (HKCA) have been working with the local authorities to secure some long-term solutions to the problem of ground usage and the holy grail: a ground fit to stage ODIs.

The ground at Mission Road

There have been numerous discussions with the government and five new sites are in the pipeline. In April 2008 a grass square will be laid at the existing Mission Road ground and is expected to meet international standards by the end of the year.  A new short term tenancy site has been found at Tseng Kwan O. "It is not a large ground but will be ideal for school, youth and ladies cricket," says HKCA executive Tony Turner. A lease could be secured for three years.

An application for a site on the old Kai Tak Airport in the middle of Hong Kong has been made. It is hoped that a site for development can be arranged in time for the 2008-09 season. A landfill site offers the possibility of long-term use and a site at Gin Drinkers Bay on the outskirts of Hong Kong is a possibility.

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Filed January 09 2008