It is always a great pleasure for those of us associated with the development of cricket to witness the emergence of a new generation of players. The ACC U-15 Challenge is an event specifically geared towards giving young cricketers an opportunity to test their skills in the most competitive environment possible.

The competition is there to be won by those who best demonstrate their talents and I know full well from watching some of these youngsters, just how much ability they have. It us up to all of us at the ACC to allow this ability to flourish and mature.

The presence of China in their first ever international tournament is a case in point. In them we have witnessed not only the beginning of what will be a long march to competitive glory but also the demonstration of a unique cricketing experiment. Three months ago the Chinese team knew little of cricket but their administrators had enough faith in themselves and the coaching structure of the Asian Cricket Council to put ideals to the test. What is being tested therefore, is not only the ability of China but also the ability of our development team to deliver results. I believe that the outcome will be favourable.

Thailand, as the home team with its own rising home-grown stars, may indeed come through as winners. We are also witnessing the first major flexing of administrative ability by the Cricket Association of Thailand as they host a 4-venue, 10-nation tournament. Success on the field cannot happen without success off the field and I have been gratified to witness the professionalism, flair and attention to detail of the event organisers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

For our youngest cricketers, yet to make a mark in the greater cricketing world, this event could well be the start of something very substantial. I wish them and all those who help them grow as cricketers, every success.

Syed Ashraful Huq
Chief Executive

ACC U-15 Challenge Cup 2006
Cricket Association of Thailand

Filed December 14 2006