The latest ACC Level II Umpiring Course has taken place in Kuala Lumpur. 24 candidates, predominantly from the south East Asia region went through the six-day program under the tutelage of ACC Umpiring Resource Persons Bomi Jamula, Peter Manuel and Mahboob Shah, who were assisted by Malaysia's Ramani Batumalai. "It was a batch of quite a high standard," said Mr. Jamula, "many of them are closely involved in umpiring in their local countries."

One of the umpires at the course, Dr. Liu Jingmin of China, was on a refresher for his Level II and will be standing at the Asian Games in Incheon later this year, his second time of officiating at the event. Four lady umpires were in attendance, from China, Myanmar and Thailand.

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Filed August 6th, 2014