A stadium in Kaohsiung which could be used for cricket

ACC Development Officer Aminul Islam has completed his first visit to new ACC member Taipei, primarily “to understand the current status of cricket activities in Taiwan as they apply for ICC Affiliate status.” During his visit Aminul met with the Chinese Taipei Cricket Association, the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and local cricketers.

Aminul was accompanied throughout by Chinese Taipei Cricket Association President Tai-Sheng Chen and General Manager of the Hong Kong Cricket Association Danny Lai. “There is quite a lot of bureaucratic process to go through in Taipei but after discussions with the senior officials everyone is clear what is needed to be done to begin cricket promotion in the country,” says the ACC Development Officer.

The baseball ground in Kaohsiung already given to the CTCA to use for cricket

In his meeting with representatives of ten local teams, many of whom have been playing cricket in the country for ten years already, Aminul discovered that although the teams were made up of mostly expatriates, “recently every team has got few numbers of local players.”

The school ground which could be used as an Academy

Aminul spent a good part of his visit scouting venues for cricket and his travels took him to Kaohsiung, the second-largest city in the country 350 kilometres southwest of capital Taipei city. He saw three grounds there: the first, a stadium with a perimeter running track in the centre of which the CTCA could lay synthetic turf; the second, a baseball field which has already been given to the CTCA to develop as a permanent cricket ground; the third, a school ground which could be developed into an academy facility.

“The signs are encouraging so far, Danny Lai and I were quite impressed with the initial commitment. The next step, and a very important one, after fulfilling all the official requirements is to promote cricket in the schools and colleges,” says Aminul. “They are almost a totally new country but they already have some good assets which they can use for cricket,” concludes the former Bangladesh international.

Aminul Islam, A Cricketing Journey

Filed August 27th, 2012