Chinese Cricket Association Deputy Secretary General and External Affairs Director Zhang Tian

Chinese Cricket Association Deputy Secretary General Zhang Tian has been to Chaoyang, a city in the north-east of China in Liaoning province on the border with North Korea, and reports back with news of a potential new growth area for cricket. “I am quite optimistic on this line of growth for the players,” he says.

Following the continued success of Shenyang in China’s national championships, the Education Bureau Director of neighbouring Longcheng, a district in Chaoyang, says he is “quite keen to cricket and hopes to introduce cricket in the schools under his bureau,” says Zhang Tian. With 12000 schoolchildren in his remit, with more than 50 primary schools, the scope to grow the game is considerable.

The Education Director appreciates the importance of keeping a link between primary, junior high and senior high schools, which, when it hasn’t been possible in other CCA development areas has led to the loss of a number of cricketers and coaches. Though cricket-friendly facilities are non-existent at the moment (“many schools only have dirt ground with small stones on surface”, says Zhang Tian), “the people there have very good keenness”.

The plan is for the CCA to send soft-ball kits to Longcheng, with Shenyang Sports University sending its cricketers to coach the schoolchildren. “The promotion training will be in each school, and the local central training can be in the school with good facilities,” says Zhang Tian. Once the schools have become familiar with soft-ball cricket the CCA will send hard-ball kits to the junior high schools and then consider conducting a coaching course in Chaoyang in the spring of 2013.

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Filed August 24th, 2012