David Walker (maroon shirt) with his charges

With an increasing number of teams in the leagues across the country, the Cricket Association of Thailand have expanded their pool of umpires with a series of Level 0 Umpiring workshops. With a three-day course run by Chiang Mai resident and Level II umpire David Walker, a graduate of the March 2010 ACC ‘Train the Umpires Trainer' course, ten new officials were taken through their first steps to officialdom.

“Everybody learnt something new no matter how long they had been involved in cricket,” says the Cricket Association of Thailand (CAT), with a number of long-standing match referees and umpires in Chiang Mai league matches being the principal beneficiaries. “Phuket is next, on a course starting at the end of August, for the local umpires there. There are more teams in the league so they’re needed and it’s also important that an accredited pool of umpires are always able to stand in the keenly-contested fixtures,” says CAT Chief Executive Mohideen Kader. “The best umpires based on performance in the local courses and on-field will be selected for the next ACC Level I Umpiring course in Thailand.


99% of the current Laws of Cricket have also been translated into Thai by Chiang Mai schoolteacher Worawut Suttajit. On completion, the Thai Laws will be sent to the National Sports of Authority of Thailand for approval prior to being sent to the MCC to be certified.

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Filed August 25th, 2010