The Cricket Board of Maldives (CBM) are conducting an ACC Level I Coaching Course for school teachers in Malé. The week-long course is aimed at educating, and increasing the number of coaches training Maldives’ future cricketers who are looking to break into the national teams. 14 schools from Malé and more from six other islands take part in the Youth Development Program and identifying coaches is now CBM's priority.

Children take part in an inter-school tournament

12 sports supervisors (10 men and 2 women) from different schools will take part in the course. Run by ACC Development Officer for Maldives Rumesh Ratnayake and assisted by CBM's Imad Ismail and Saudhan Ibrahim, this course is meant to “provide the coaches with the skills needed to help better school cricket” according to CBM President Ahmad Hassan Didi.

“We have seen an increase in the playing standards of the boys in our school tournaments after they took part in the youth development program. We want to maintain and possibly even raise that standard of play and getting more coaches who can assist the children will lead to that,” added Mr. Didi.

Rumesh Ratnayake: Overseeing Maldives’ progress

Rumesh was impressed with the CBM's youth program and confirmed that the future of Maldives cricket was bright. “This seven-day course will lead to many good things for cricket amongst these islands. The course is going on smoothly and these new coaches will help lift cricket in Maldives even higher.”

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Filed August 11th, 2010