2010 Chinese National Cricket Champions Shenyang Sport University

Shenyang Sport University continued their dominance in Chinese cricket by winning the National Championships for the fifth consecutive time. No other team since the Championships were first held in 2007 have won the event. "It shows that they have the best training and best players but other teams are challenging strongly and next year, Shenyang will be pushed even harder," says ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam.

This year, in an other sign of the game’s development across China the National Championships took place in Linhai in Zhejiang province in east China, following on from previous events held in Beijing and Shenyang. Twenty-eight teams won through to the National Championships in the categories for University, High School Senior, High School Junior, High School Women and Primary School Boys and Girls from 98 across China that took part (61 took part in 2009).

”A good thing to see was the rise of teams from Shanghai where cricket is also growing,” says Aminul. The semi-final between Shanghai’s Tongji University and Shenyang Aviation University was won by Shenyang Aviation with a 6 off the last ball in a high-quality game. Possibly over-extended by their efforts, Shenyang Aviation could only manage 64 in their 20 overs against Shenyang Sport and lost by seven wickets.

The Women’s University Championships will be held in Guangzhou in the middle of August – the first matches to be played at the new Asian Games stadium. Shenyang Sport University’s women are the defending champions.

2010 Chinese Cricket Association National Championships

1. Shenyang Sport University
2. Shanghai Aviation University

Senior High School
1. Beijing Zhichunli High School
2. Shenyang 28 High school

Junior High School
1. Shenzhen Tongle School
2. Zhejiang Shaojiadu High School

High School Women
1. Zhejiang Shaojiadu High School
2. Shandong Yuhua Middle School

Primary School Boys and Girls
1. Shandong Kuangshan Middle School
2. Shenzhen Yucai Primary Middle School

Shenyang Shines Bright

Filed August 9th, 2010