ACC Archived News - August 2010

Kabul Shapes Up

Following the success of the Etisalat Inter-Provincial one-day tournament in May this year, the Afghanistan Cricket Board will be staging an Inter-Provincial T20 tournament in September. 24 teams from 34 of the provinces that make up Afghanistan will take part. As before, the event will be televised by local broadcasters Shamshad TV, reaching out to the Middle East, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand via their satellite feed.
Thailand's Umpires Widen

With an increasing number of teams in the leagues across the country, the Cricket Association of Thailand have expanded their pool of umpires with a series of Level 0 Umpiring workshops. With a three-day course run by Chiang Mai resident and Level II umpire David Walker, a graduate of the March 2010 ACC 'Train the Umpires Trainer' course, ten new officials were taken through their first steps to officialdom.
Hong Kong's Po Kong

Hong Kong will start their new season in September with a new ground, the redeveloped Po Kong Village Road Sports Centre. It is the tenth cricket ground in the region and is being leased on a long-term basis from the government.

The Hong Kong Cricket Association (HKCA) will be using the ground on Saturdays and the first Sunday of each month throughout the season, which runs to April, with provision for Wednesday evening cricket too.
Green Is Go In Guangzhou

China has its first fully turfed ground in Guangzhou. In preparation for the Asian Games in November, the ground is being used for Chinese domestic matches. The first tournament held at the state-of-the-art stadium in the grounds of the Mega High Tech Education Centre was the Chinese National Women's Championships.
More Coaches And Umpires For Iran

The Iran Cricket Federation (ICF) conducted a Level I Coaching Course in Chabahar in the south of the country where ACC Development Officer Iqbal Sikander was assisted by local Level II coaches Yousef Raeisi and Mohzdeh Bavenpour. At the same time a Level 0 Umpiring Course in Tehran was run by local Level II lady umpire Nargis Lafuti. The courses drew a total of 58 participants.
Thailand's New Ground

On land leased from a former cabinet Minister, the Cricket Association of Thailand finally have what they have wanted for a long time: their own ground in Bangkok. “It was getting to a stage where with so much training going on for the women’s team and the U-19s and the men’s senior teams, we needed a place for them to play as much as possible,” says Association Chief Executive and National Coach Mohideen Kader.

The Cricket Association of Thailand up to now has been exclusively reliant on hiring grounds across Bangkok for training and tournaments.
Asian Games Competitors Confirmed

The teams for the Twenty20 cricket event in the Asian Games in Guangzhou, the XVI Asiad, have been confirmed.

There are nine countries participating in the men’s competition and eight in the women’s.

Men: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Women: Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand
Oman And UAE Umpires Start

The Oman and UAE cricket boards hosted Level 0 Umpiring courses in their respective countries in July. The course in Oman was conducted by veteran ACC and Oman Cricket tournament umpire A. R. Srinivasan who was assisted by Afzal Sher Khan and R. Chidambaram and in UAE by senior Sharjah umpires Iftikhar Ali, Fidel Jaary and Talib Hussain, deputizing for the late Farid Malik.

Both courses were run over five days with Oman drawing 31 participants and UAE 25.
More Coaches To Emerge From Maldives

The Cricket Board of Maldives (CBM) are conducting an ACC Level I Coaching Course for school teachers in Malé. The week-long course is aimed at educating, and increasing the number of coaches training Maldives’ future cricketers who are looking to break into the national teams. 14 schools from Malé and more from six other islands take part in the youth development program and identifying coaches is now CBMs priority.
China's National Champions

Shenyang Sport University continued their dominance in Chinese cricket by winning the National Championships for the fifth consecutive time. No other team since the Championships were first held in 2007 have won the event. "It shows that they have the best training and best players but other teams are challenging strongly and next year, Shenyang will be pushed even harder," says ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam.
Kuwait's Aspiring U-19 Women

74 young women braved the heat of a Kuwaiti summer to attend selection trials for the ACC U-19 Women’s Championship to be held in Singapore in October this year. A few of the places are likely to be taken up by those who have already played women’s youth cricket for Kuwait, but Kuwait Cricket’s stated intention is to “hold open trials to provide a fair chance to all lady players.”
Bhutan's Domestic Champions

After two months and 19 matches the inaugural BCCB Super League 2010 came to a close with a five-wicket win for Rigsum CC over BTCL. Man of the Match in the Final at Thimphu was national player Kencho Norbu for his unbeaten 105.
Oman Plan A New Academy

After some years of planning, false starts and overweening ambition, the Oman Cricket Board finally look to be on the verge of securing their own turfed training facility, with room for nets and a small ground on a 5000 sq.metre-sized site at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Muscat.
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