Following on from previous Level 0 courses held in the country, Bhutan’s intrepid Development team went to Punakha at the start of August, to take cricket into two new schools.

Basketball and football have been the core sports of schools in Punakha (situated three hours by car outside of Bhutan’s capital Thimphu), and Wangduephodrang up to now but with the growing popularity of cricket in Bhutan and following this course, that could well change.

The two-day course covered the fundamentals of batting, pace-bowling, spin-bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping for the twenty-five school teachers who attended, along with demonstrations of stretching, warming-up and cooling-down techniques, both dynamic and static.

Damber Singh Gurung demonstrating bowling


Bhutan’s National Coaching Co-ordinator Damber Singh Gurung who was part of the three-person team that went to Punakha (along with Bhutanese Development Officer Ashish Chhetri and Gurung District Coaching Co-ordinator Tshering Dorji) said that “Participants accepted that they have at least learned the basic fundamental of cricket and now it is much easier for them to teach cricket in their school. They also added that now the drawback for them is cricket equipment which is an important thing needed to proceed.”


A number of schools in Bhutan have already been provided with equipment (at a cost of Bhutanese Ngultrum 10,000/US$ 200 each) and they are being encouraged to make full use off them. The Bhutan Cricket Council Board will be providing cricket equipment to Ugyen Academy so that they can start coaching. There are hopes that a school tournament could be started in Punakha and Wangdue districts next year.

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Filed Aug 24th, 2009