ACC Archived News - August 2009

ICC Chuan Cheng Jing Shen

‘ICC Chuan Cheng Jing Shen’ - That was the chant of the finalists at the Chinese National Championships in Shenyang in August. The week of cricket culminated in finals of the men’s and women’s university competition with Shenyang Sport University winning both events.

In a year of ICC Centenary celebrations, few ‘Spirit of Cricket’ events have actually had the opportunity to be graced by the ICC Chief Executive’s presence but Haroon Lorgat and ICC Special Adviser Inderjit Singh Bindra were on hand to see China’s coming as it did in the middle of their five-day tour of China. They joined the winning Shenyang Men’s Team as it said ‘ICC Catch The Spirit’ in Mandarin.
Oman Welcomes Arabs

Three teams of Arab Omanis are playing in the Oman Cricket Board’s first ever tournament organised solely for the indigenous population of the country. The Omani Summer Cricket Tournament is being played in order to broaden the appeal of the game and so that a new source of cricketers for the national team can be created.

“It’s a good move by Oman to bring in the Arabs to play cricket,” says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura.
Bhutan Teaches More Teachers

Following on from previous Level 0 courses held in the country, Bhutan’s intrepid Development team went to Punakha at the start of August, to take cricket into two new schools.

Basketball and football have been the core sports of schools in Punakha (situated three hours by car outside of Bhutan’s capital Thimphu), and Wangduephodrang up to now but with the growing popularity of cricket in Bhutan and following this course, that could well change.
China Publishes Its Own Manual

Dr. Liu Jingmin, a prominent sports educator at China’s premier educational establishment, Tsinghua University in Beijing, has composed a cricket instruction book, Banqiujichujiaocheng (‘Cricket Sports Coaching’) for use across the People’s Republic. 1500 copies of the 312-page manual have been printed for distribution amongst the 107 ACC-Cricket Australia certified coaches active in cricket education across the country along with further sporting institutions. “It is a very good achievement by Dr. Liu,” said Secretary General of the Chinese Cricket Association Liu Rongyao, “In China people learn by doing and by thinking. This book for the Chinese people is a good tool to work with.”
Qatar Gets Turf

After thirty years playing on a mixture of concrete, matting and other artificial surfaces, Qatar’s cricketers finally have their first turf facility, The Industrial Cricket Ground, about eight kilometres from the centre of Doha.

The ground was donated to the Qatar Cricket Association by their Chairman, His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, along with the Secretary General of the Qatar Olympic Committee His Excellency Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.
Afghanistan Progressing

An ACC team consisting of Development Manager Bandula Warnapura, Development Officer Iqbal Sikander and Development Program Co-ordinator Ganesh Sundarammoorthy visited Afghanistan on a week-long trip to meet with the country’s newly-elected board and Chairman.
Mei All Set For Next November

All-rounder Mei Chun Hua has one goal in life: to play for China in the November 2010 Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou. "Playing for China in such a big competition is the dream of many in my country and I have chosen cricket to be my sport," says the 24-year old Marketing graduate of Shanghai's Tong Ji University, "it is the only thing I do until the Asian Games are over."
Shenyang Shines Bright

Watched by a stellar cast of what the Chinese have been calling “the leaders of world cricket” Shenyang Sport University’s men’s and women’s teams won the 2009 Chinese National Championships. The visitors watching the Finals were led by International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat, who said after the prize-giving, “I’m encouraged by what I saw considering the Chinese cricketers have only been playing for three or four years. They’re obviously playing for the love of the game and to do what they’re doing shows the true spirit of cricket in this the ICC’s centenary year.”
Buddhi Gets Busy

Buddhi Pradhan, Nepal’s most accomplished umpire with 12 ODIs, combines his regular school-teacher’s job with umpiring assignments and his umpiring assignments with coaching courses for the next generation of Nepalis who seek to emulate his success. He recently completed his third Regional Umpiring and Scoring Course under the auspices of the Cricket Association of Nepal.
Bhutan Already Preparing For Next Season

Taking advantage of the summer months while they can, Bhutan have started preparations for the 2010 season, when they will be taking part in the ACC U-16 Elite Cup as well as a Women’s U-19 event by holding a ten-day coaching camp for 122 boys and 110 girls from across the cricket-playing districts of the country. The camp is being run by three of Bhutan’s Level II coaches alongside the Bhutan Cricket Council Board’s Jigme Norbu and Damber Singh Gurung. National men’s and women’s players are also providing support.