Tim Anderson and Bandula Warnapura

ICC Development Programs Manager Tim Anderson visited the ACC Secretariat at the start of August to brief the ACC Development team on the funding scenario for ICC Associates and Affiliates. Approximately US$1.5 billion has been generated by the sale of ICC's commercial rights from 2008-2015, with a large proportion of this amount going back to the ICC's Full, Associate and Affiliate Members. Associate and Affiliate members will benefit greatly, with the most successful in line to receive in excess of US$1 million per year during this period. "This increased revenue represents not only a significant positive change to the developing cricket world, but will also turn many countries into significant commercial entities," says Mr. Anderson.

The critical issue is that in order to access this funding "requirements will need to be met," says Mr. Anderson. These include the submission of operational plans, budgets and accounts to ICC Regional Management for approval.  In the case of Asia's Members, such submissions will need to be provided to, and approved by, the ACC Development Manager and Finance Manager respectively.

ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura says, "The new funding scenario is a process of education for the members, they will need to exert more control over their activities, take more responsibility for their affairs and ensure they maintain good governance. It's a positive move and can only help the development of cricket."

ICC Global Direct Funding is distributed to Associates and Affiliates under three categories: Administration Grants, Capital and Development Grants and High Performance Grants. Associates and Affiliates will receive news of their proposed grants for 2009-10 in mid-August.

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Filed August 13, 2008