Yemen Gears Up For The ACC

Sheikh Tariq Abdullah, President of the Yemen Cricket Association says “it is indeed good news that Mr. Iqbal Sikander from ACC has volunteered to visit Yemen to train cricketers/coaches as well as prepare a technical/feasibility study to introduce cricket in five cities”.

Cricket activities have suffered in recent years in this country, as ground facilities have not been available, but Sheik Tariq reports that now “the government would be willing to lease a suitable ground which will need to be first prepared by us. Clubs continue to practice and have friendly matches.”

“As for introducing cricket in schools - even very few selected ones - this project can kick of straightaway. We have the approval of the Ministry of Education and the Governor of Aden will support a 'cricket in schools' programme. I am very optimistic of success of cricket in schools and this would automatically pave a way for cricket among adults.”

Yemen is not yet even an ICC Affiliate, but along with countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, the ACC is endeavouring to bring them into the global cricket community.

Filed August 30 2005