Bad Air Stopped Play: U-17 Cup Abandoned

August 11, 2005 GMT 0800: In light of the adverse weather conditions in peninsular Malaysia, with much of the country blanketed by a smoky haze which is the result of bush-fires in neighbouring Sumatra, the ACC U-17 Cup Tournament Technical Committee took the prudent step of abandoning all matches and suspending any further play in the tournament.

The results of the semi-final matches between Kuwait and Nepal and Bahrain and Singapore will henceforth be declared as ‘No Result’ matches.

Tournament Director, Charlie Chelliah said, “The Government of Malaysia has cautioned against outdoor activities stating there is a potential health hazard. We have the welfare of all our young cricketers to consider and thought it best not to expose them to any inappropriate playing conditions.”

The Air Pollution Index, which measures harmful particles in the air, surged above the 300-point in Kuala Lumpur during the afternoon. A reading of 300+ is considered hazardous to health. There is no foreseeable reduction in the API-levels for the next few days.

Speaking from the Tournament Secretariat in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Chelliah said: “The tournament had been building up to a great finale with some terrific matches in prospect. Up to now, the standard of play has been very impressive. We had no alternative but to curtail all activity due to the weather but at least in the first half of the tournament all the cricketers got a chance to see Malaysia at its best.”

Filed August 11 2005