ACC Archived News - August 2005

Afro-Asia Cup: Eradication Of Blindness To Be Charity Theme

In an Executive Committee meeting in Durban today, the Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation body chaired by Jagmohan Dalmiya chose a sight-related theme for their charitable donations.

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Afro-Asia Cup: Teamwork Triumphs

As with the Melbourne Tsunami match, when the cause is great the world can see cricketers and administrators showing just what can be done when they join forces as a united body to advance the cause of cricket.

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Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation: Delighted To Be United

Gerald Majola, CEO of South Africa Cricket, with Jagmohan Dalmiya. Cassim Suliman, Acting CEO of the Africa Cricket Association, looks on.

Durban, August 20: The first Executive Committee meeting of Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation pushed forward with its agenda to "promote and develop cricket across Africa and Asia", by outlining a plan for commercial activities and development through A Team and age-group tournaments between the Test-playing nations and ICC Associates. Curator, coach and Academy-level exchanges are also on the cards.

"It's a long journey ahead of us and it will be a productive one. We have taken the important first step and results will follow. Playing standards and conditions will rise across our two continents as a result of our planning and professional activity," said Jagmohan Dalmiya, Chairman of Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation and ACC President.

Initial activity following the completion of the 2005 Afro-Asia Cup will centre on the disbursement of development funds, the 2005 U-19 Afro-Asia Cup in November and charitable donations to the sight-related causes chosen to receive 10% of the proceeds from the tournament.

Filed August 30 2005

Coaches Climb The Ladder

Sultan Rana, ACC Development Manager and Peter Hanlon, Education and Training Manager of Cricket Australia took the opportunity at the ACC Development Staff Coordination Committee Meeting in Kuala Lumpur in August to formally appraise all the participants of the ACC Coaching Courses over the past 12-18 months.

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China's Grass Roots To Be Nourished

In a specially designed program, Beijing is to host the inaugural ACC Coaching Course for mainland China. Ross Turner, Game Development Manager of Cricket Australia who will be administering the course said, "this will actually be a unique pre-Level 1 course which will start with the very basics of cricket for the twenty top candidates put forward by the Chinese Cricket Association."

All participants have impressive ball-game coaching resumés in China. These coaches will be the catalysts for the promotion of the game at junior level through Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. An Umpiring and Scoring Course, to be conducted by ICC International Umpire and ACC Resource Person Peter Manuel, is scheduled for later in September.

Filed August 30 2005

Yemen Gears Up For The ACC

Looking forward in Yemen

Sheikh Tariq Abdullah, President of the Yemen Cricket Association says “it is indeed good news that Mr. Iqbal Sikander from ACC has volunteered to visit Yemen to train cricketers/coaches as well as prepare a technical/feasibility study to introduce cricket in five cities”.

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Myanmar Takes The Initiative

The MCF’s Secretariat with course participants

Prior to ACC Development Officer Roger Binny’s first Country Assignment to Myanmar in October, the Myanmar Cricket Federation have taken their own steps towards development by holding their own two-week Basic Cricket Coaching Course at Aung San Stadium in Yangon. The Minister of Sports HE Brigadier-General Thuya Aye Myint attended the final day’s proceedings.

Grace Swe Zin Htaik Secretary and Communications Officer of the MCF said ”Our plan is to organize an interschool youth match in November 2005, then to organize a friendship youth match with a neighbouring country.”

Filed August 30 2005

Afghanistan’s Cricketers Celebrate Independence

Kabul: Pir Baba XI emerged champions in an inter-provincial cricket tournament between twenty teams from all over Afghanistan organised as part of their Independence Day celebrations. Pir Baba captain, national player Hasti Gul, received the winner’s trophy from Shahzada Masoud MP, head of the Afghanistan Cricket Federation.

Mr. Masoud said a lot of new talent had come to the fore during the corporate-sponsored 10-day tournament and called upon the government to support the development of an international standard cricket ground in Kabul.

Filed August 30 2005

Bad Air Stopped Play: U-17 Cup Abandoned

August 11, 2005 GMT 0800: In light of the adverse weather conditions in peninsular Malaysia, with much of the country blanketed by a smoky haze which is the result of bush-fires in neighbouring Sumatra, the ACC U-17 Cup Tournament Technical Committee took the prudent step of abandoning all matches and suspending any further play in the tournament.

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Cricket Just Gets Bigger

Afro-Asia Cup 2005

The ACC Selectors meeting in Dubai, August 1st 2005

The Asian Cricket Council and Africa Cricket Association who have come together to form Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation, a body to promote and develop cricket across Asia and Africa, are pleased to welcome as their sole commercial partner for the Afro-Asia Cup, Nimbus Sports International of Singapore.

Mr. Syed Ashraful Huq, Chief Executive of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) says, “Nimbus made a terrific offer, well in excess of any prior media speculation, to acquire the worldwide rights to the next three Afro-Asia Cups. Not only will cricket fans the world over get the opportunity to watch some spectacular cricket between the best players from Africa and Asia, young cricketers across both continents will benefit because of the funds raised by these matches.”

70% of all net proceeds each year will go the host continent’s cricket development body, 20% to the visitors, and 10% to a recognised worthwhile charity.

Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya, President of the ACC and Chairman of Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation states, “The Afro-Asia Cup will do much to raise the funds necessary to boost activity and support for youth and junior cricket across Africa and Asia. Our working slogan is ‘Cricket for Unity’. Singly we are strong, together we are even stronger.”

Mr. Peter Chingoka, President of the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) said: “We would like to thank the Boards for making all their players available and the potential line-up of talent is quite remarkable.”

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