Bomi Jamula directing umpires’ attention in Doha

Following the Level 0 Umpiring Course held in January in Qatar, a Level I has been held. The course featured a number of the candidates from the start of the year. 17 participants in all, including 4 ladies, were taken through the modules by ACC Umpiring Resource Person Bomi Jamula, who was assisted by local mistress of all trades Shivani Mishra.

Bomi, who last conducted a Level I in Qatar in October 2013, based this course, as last time, on the MCC Laws 5th Edition. “Priority was on interpretation and implementation of the laws. Field techniques on application of the laws were highlighted,” he says. “Time was spend on Field Craft where topics like positioning, giving guard, communication with captains and players was practiced. Nonverbal communication between umpires was demonstrated. Match day routines were also emphasized,” he adds.

With the Qatar Cricket Association making “excellent arrangements”, for the on-field practical element, rather than go through simulations as often happens, the candidates were fortunate enough to stand in an actual match. “A written exam was held at the end of the course which had actual match situation pictures and questions were based on how the candidates would respond in match situation,” recounts Bomi. The overall pass rate was a decent 71% with three candidates receiving distinctions.

Qatar currently has 129 umpires active in local cricket.

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Filed April 20th, 2015