Five years ago, Bhutan held its first ever Level 0 course. “The basic basics were what was needed, cricket was so unknown back then,” says Bhutan’s national coaching co-ordinator Damber Singh Gurung, who didn’t have to co-ordinate too much coaching in those days compared to now.

With so much cricket developing around the country Damber felt the time was right to bring it back to new prospective coaches in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu.

Anyone moving around Thimphu sees archers practicing, competitions going on: it is more than the national sport, it is a national pastime. But Damber had noticed, in the small patches of ground where cricket was being played, “lots of enthusiasm but not much technique. It upset me a little bit because I could see some fast-bowlers but they didn’t have good actions and too many batsmen were playing across the line!”

Teacher Tara from Thimphu’s Jigme Losel Primary School

21 primary school teachers were invited to a two-day Level 0 coaching course conducted by Level II Coaches and Level I Coach Educators Damber, Ugyen Dorji and Tobgay Wangchuk “to improve the techniques and implement the coaching methodology,” says Damber. “A number of them were playing themselves but didn’t know much about the hows and whys of cricket, this course will help them and help them to teach a lot of new cricketers.”

The Bhutan Cricket Council Board will next supply equipment to schools taking part in this program and will give assignments to these coaches.

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Filed April 14th, 2011