150 U-13 cricketers played on turf for the first time in Doha last week, in the Qatar Cricket Association's latest Junior Cricket Tournament. "This tournament will be of great help to provide exposure to cricket and create enthusiasm among the youngsters. The major objective of this tournament was to identify future national players and develop their techniques," says QCA General Secretary (International Affairs) Manzoor Ahmad.

10 schools took part in the day-long 6-overs a side event at the Industrial Area Cricket Ground, which will soon be relaid with top soil from Pakistan in order to create a playing surface fit for senior-level cricket.

The 24 most promising players from the tournament, selected on the basis of “Tactical Ability, Mental Power and Quality” says QCA Development Program 2010 Joint Secretary Aruna de Silva, will be given regular coaching at the QCA Academy, in preparation for potential national team appearances, starting at U-16 level.

Dhukhan English School were the winners of this year’s tournament, beating Pakistan Education Centre in the Final.

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Filed April 21st, 2010