Bangalore’s Chinnaswamy Stadium whose next international fixture will be the 2007 Afro-Asia Cup, being relaid in consultation with NZSTI

Mid-2007 there are rising countries like Afghanistan, Oman and Bhutan who still do not have proper turf facilities. Mid-2000, however, there were a whole lot more and cricket in those countries was in a far more fragile state.

Thanks to NZSTI a career pathway for curators who have been accredited by the ACC in collaboration with NZSTI has been established. Over 150 curators are now versed in wicket preparation and some superb venues in Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand have been created.

The Kinrara Oval, venue of the DLF Tri-Nation ODI series, September 2006

To keep the wickets coming, and the surrounds in constant good order involves the following:

  • Developing standards for facilities and equipment to match each tier of cricket: national teams, clubs, schools and districts.
  • Establishing subsidized schemes to assist the national teams, clubs, schools and districts in developing facilities and accessing equipment.
  • Establishing standards for facility and equipment requirements for the central and satellite academies including grounds, net facilities indoor and outdoor, floodlights, a fitness and a recovery centre.
  • Forming a partnership with retailers and manufactures of cricket equipment
  • Promoting the training program for groundsmen and curators as a resource for NCAs, clubs and schools

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