The announcement of the Afro-Asia Cup 2007 in Delhi, April 2007 [(l to r) Niranjan Shah (BCCI), Syed Ashraful Huq (ACC), Sharad Pawar (ACCA and BCCI), Yannick Colaco (Nimbus Sport), Rajiv Shukla (BCCI)]

The second Afro-Asia Cup will be held in Bangalore and Chennai in June 2007. Three day-night matches will be played on June 6 (Bangalore), June 9 and June 10 (Chennai).

Sharad Pawar, President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and Chairman of Afro-Asian Cricket Co-operation, who launched the event at a press conference in Delhi said, "We are delighted that India should play host to this auspicious event. The match-up of the best players of Asia against the best players of Africa is a proven formula for success. I expect there to be tremendous interest in the tournament."

Syed Ashraful Huq, Chief Executive of the Asian Cricket Council says, "To have the best available cricketers of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh come together in one team to represent the spirit of Asian fraternity and co-operation is hugely significant in itself. We can expect the Afro-Asia cricket at the great venues of Bangalore and Chennai to be intensely competitive."

Peter Chingoka, President of the Africa Cricket Association says that, "There is no doubt that the Africa team take these matches very seriously and the 2005 Afro-Asia Cup was a hard-fought contest. Thanks to the players and respective boards a great deal of development money is raised which goes a long way in strengthening the game in Africa."

The first Afro-Asia Cup was held in South Africa in August 2005. The 2007 and 2008 Afro-Asia Cups are set in the ICC Future Tours Program and like the 2005 version will be official ODIs.

Asia walk off at Centurion, having dismissed Africa for 198 in the first 2005 Afro-Asia Cup match

Total prize-money for the three 2007 Afro-Asia Cup matches is $USD 100,000. The winning team in each match receives $25,000, the Man of the Match $5,000 and the Man of the Tournament $10,000. Participating players will be paid $5000 for each match.

In addition to the three Afro-Asia Cup matches there will be a Women's Asia v Africa match and a men's Twenty20 Asia v Africa match in Bangalore on the 5th of June.

This will be the first time that International Twenty 20 cricket is played in India.

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