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Population: 415,717 (2013 est.)
Population (Aged 0-14): 24.6%
National Coach:
National Captain:
Cricket clubs: 8
Grounds: 2
Turf wickets: 0
Women’s cricket: Yes
Playing Season: Year – round

ACC Member since 1996
ACC Development Officer:

Recent Achievements:
2009 ACC Trophy Challenge Participants
2009 Translators of Laws of Cricket into Malay

The smallest of the ACC member countries, Brunei is aiming to make a virtue of its youth and size. ACC Development Officer Aminul Islam says, “With every visit I can see that there is an increase in interest from the local people ... they want to play cricket. Now we want to increase that number by getting more schools to introduce cricket as part of their Co-Curriculum Activity. We want the next Bruneian superstar athlete to be a cricketer."

Eight primary schools already have cricket teams while three secondary schools have also started to form teams. The next target is for the game to reach university level. For the long-playing seniors spread among ten teams there are three competitions a year, contested on matting at the one ground there is available for cricket.

Brunei has pioneered a T12 version of cricket in the region in 2009 and in 2006 were the first to make use of Level 0 coaching and umpiring for those with relatively little exposure to cricket. In 2009 the BDCA also completed a translation of the Laws of Cricket into Malay in an endeavour to make the game easier to understand among the teachers and academics at the schools in which they aim to introduce the game. The translation will be available to Malaysians in Eastern and Peninsular Malaysia.

An ‘Education through Cricket’ project has been started with the aim to introduce approximately 250 English words to the students who intend to take part in the sport and who are weak in spoken English. All these selected words will be cricket-related but can also be used for day-to-day conversation.

Brunei have taken a furlough from ACC competitions for 2012 and 2013 as they seek to re-develop the game at grass-roots level.

Taking the game to the schools

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