"Great success, like DNA, is constructed of a few basic building blocks: tenacity, focus, and the old Woody Allen line about just showing up."

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ACC U-19 Women’s Championship – Singapore – 4th to 12th October completed

ACC Women’s Committee Meeting – Singapore – 9th October completed

Aminul Islam Country Assignment – China – 14th to 22nd October completed

Iqbal Sikander Country Assignment – Qatar – 15th to 22nd October completed

Rumesh Ratnayake Country Assignment (Level I Coaching Course) – Nepal – 25th to 29th October completed

ACC Level I Umpiring Course – Afghanistan – 26th to 31st October completed

16th Asian Games – China – 12th to 27th November completed

ACC Coach Educator Level II Course – Thailand – 2nd to 7th December completed

ACC Trophy Challenge – Thailand – 4th to 11th December completed

ACC Umpires Educator Level I Course – Thailand – 9th to 13th December completed

ACC Executive Board Meeting – Singapore – 12th December completed

Iqbal Sikander Country Assignment – Saudi Arabia – 12th to 21st December completed

Venkatesh Prasad Country Assignment – UAE – 21st to 27th December completed

Iqbal Sikander Country Assignment – Oman – 22nd to 26th December completed

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