Javed Miandad at Chengdu HighTech Zone, March 2009

Pakistan’s Ambassador for Cricket to China Javed Miandad has completed his first visit to the People’s Republic. He joined the men’s and women’s national squads at their spring training camp at Chengdu and personally worked with them on batting, fielding and wicket-keeping.

“We really did not know who he is before he came but afterwards we think he must be a great player because he makes everything look so easy and happy,” said men’s national wicket-keeper Ai Di.

As for Javed, who initially joined the squads on a cold morning in the Sichuan capital just after they completed their morning warm-ups, "I am amazed seeing the potential of Chinese players in cricket and their progress. Before I came I thought they were just beginners but they are coping up excellent in a short period of time. They take everything so easily. That is their main advantage.”

Pakistan have been very close diplomatically to China for more than 50 years and the latest emissary is an expression of Islamabad’s desire to create further linkages. The Pakistan Cricket Board have already provided equipment and the services of Rashid Khan as national coach to China. Mr. Miandad expects that Pakistan could possibly support a ground development project as well as fund a warm-up tour of the Chinese women’s team to Malaysia in preparation for the ACC Women’s Twenty20 Cup in July this year.

Chinese Cricket Association Secretary General Liu Rongyao, Pakistan’s Ambassador for Cricket to China Javed Miandad, Asian Cricket Council Development Officer Aminul Islam, China National Men’s Coach Rashid Khan, China National Women’s Coach Mamatha Maben

In a telephone conversation with ACC Chief Executive Syed Ashraful Huq Mr. Miandad praised cricket development activity in China. “Such comment from a legend like him has given us confidence, inspiration and motivation,” says ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam.


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Filed March 16, 2009