The ACC's Middle East members have just completed a meeting in Bahrain with Development Manager Bandula Warnapura and the ICC's Development Programs Manager Tim Anderson, where they were briefed on what the ICC's new Global Funding Plan would mean to them.

From 2009 to 2016, ICC Associate and Affiliate members will receive twice, thrice as much financial support for development of their cricket. With the constant possibility to receive even more depending on their competitive and administrative performance.

(from l to r) ACC Development Officer Iqbal Sikander, Bandula Warnapura, Tim Anderson
  • 6 % of the ICC’s commercial rights revenues over the next eight years (6% of US$1,500,000,000 ie $US 90,000,000) will be put into development.
  • Countries at the top of the ICC non-Test playing rankings could receive US$1 million plus per year, by qualifying for World Cups.

The Associates and Affiliates in Bahrain drew up their spending plans for 2009 in consultation with Mr. Warnapura and Mr. Anderson.  Two fundamental requirements have to be met by countries in order to receive ICC funds.

I. An annual operational plan and budget is to be submitted to, and approved by, the ACC at the beginning of each year.

II. Activity reports are to be sent to the ACC every quarter for Associates and once every six months for Affiliates. These must outline both financial and operational activities in line with the annual budget and plan

Mr. Warnapura said, “The countries need to prioritize and then proceed to use these funds. The administration of any Association is key to the work done and professionalizing it would be the first step in development. We are hoping to see advancements in all cricketing areas by 2010.”

From the ICC viewpoint, “The beauty of this new process is that the Members and regional bodies have been provided with a framework on how to budget, plan and report, however, there is a lot of flexibility in how the funds can be spent for the greater good of cricket in each country. We are certainly hoping to see results across the board, but the country is at liberty to develop their grass-roots level cricket or upgrade their cricketing facilities or maybe even focus on their administration. It all depends on what their priorities are. We would, however, like all countries to have a sound administrative setup in place in order to professionalize their daily activities,” says Mr. Anderson.