The 2007 cricket season in China reached its climax with the completion of this year's National Tournament.

Following preliminary matches held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Liaoning, the finals were held in Beijing on August 13.  59 men's teams in three age-groups and 19 women's teams took part in the tournament this year.

Shenyang Sports Institute see the bigger picture

The women's finals were completed in May.

Shenyang Sports Institute must be doing something right because as with the women, they captured the premier Group A prize this year, while the Men's Group B winners were Shenzhen Tong Le School, and the champions of Men's group C were Shenzhen Yu Cai Primary School.

Bowler of the Finals,
Chen Xiudong

Cui Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre of State Sport General Administration and the Chinese Cricket Association said, " Cricket is an emerging sport in China. In the past two years, we have developed and promoted cricket through close cooperation with international cricket bodies. Competition is an important linkage in our work. Through matches, we have developed many good young cricket players. Recently, we made a breakthrough with women's cricket by coming third in the ACC Women's Tournament held in July at Malaysia."

Syed Ashraful Huq, ACC Chief Executive, said, "Cricket's emphasis on hand-eye skills, athelticism, teamwork and playing tactics suits China well. The ACC is delighted to see China actively developing the game and starting to achieve that critical breakthrough in team building. We are going to continue to work hand-in-hand with the Chinese Cricket Association to further the promotion of Cricket in China."

China is going to receive its first big multi-national cricket event in 2010, the Guangzhou Asian Games. In order to accelerate cricket's development in China, the CCA has drawn plans to send national teams of different age groups to attend competitions and matches overseas in the near future.

Filed August 14 2007