The Asia region winners of the sixth ICC Development Awards have been announced following the submission of nominations by the Asian Cricket Council. Matthew Kennedy, ICC Global Development Manager says “Winning these awards is a fantastic tribute to the successful Members. They will rightly take the plaudits but the whole process of deciding the winners has left the regional judges feeling immensely positive about the health of the game around the world.”

The global winners will be announced on March 15, 2007. The Maldives are again in line to win the Best Cricket Promotional and Marketing Program, with Singapore, China and, for the first time, Afghanistan nominated for other awards. John Cribbin of the Hong Kong Cricket Association is up for the Lifetime Service Award.

“On behalf of the Asian Cricket Council, I commend all the regional winners for their contribution to cricket”, said Sultan Rana, ACC Development Manager.

Best Overall Cricket Development Program:
Singapore Cricket Association
Best Junior Cricket Initiative:
Chinese Cricket Association
Best Women’s Cricket Initiative:
Nepal Development Region V
Best Cricket Promotional and Marketing Program:
CCBM Promotion & Marketing
Photo of the Year:
Afghanistan Cricket Federation
Lifetime Service Award:
John Cribbin

Filed February 5 2007