Bhutan easily closed the game against Brunei winning by 9 wickets in a match completely dominated by the sheer bowling genius of Lakshmi Prasad Kami.

After their eight wicket collapse against Oman, Bhutan were determined to win today against Brunei. They started well.

Akhshar Mody fell to the very first delivery of the game, leg before to a ball which, pitching on middle and climbing, may actually have been going over the stumps.

The Bhutanese pace-men have been bowling consistently well throughout this tournament, showing blistering pace coupled with good line and length. They took another wicket in the fourth over when Mahbub Shavez (4) was caught napping in front of the wicket when the ball hit his pads. The Brunei batsman were finding it hard just to connect bat onto ball.

With the batsmen playing away from the body and turning sideways awkwardly to avoid the ball hitting them, they were demonstrably in fear of the pace-bowlers, unfortunately. This was projected by the runs scored in the early overs. None of them had come from any positive stroke. Most were either byes or extras with the batsmen only managing a few odd singles.

Brunei’s batsmen just kept coming and going


Kami – The destroyer

It was through this cautious kind of play that Brunei lost their third. Rahat Mahbub (2) left a massive gap between bat and pad as the ball crashed through his unprotected wickets. Brunei, were once again, doing all they could to bat the entire 40 overs and the run rate at the end of the fifteenth over was a low 1.93. In such a situation there's only so long a batsman can hang on playing safe and when Rajeev Jayakumar (4) went on the offensive for a drive, he had his stumps uprooted.



Kami delivered both speed and accuracy

With the pace-men finishing their eight overs on the trot, spinners Jigme Singye (1-2) and Lakshmi Kami (5-0) were brought in to bowl. Singye dismissed Abhishek Gurung (0) in his very first over. Singye's high flight of the ball was enough to tempt the new batsman as he was stranded out of his crease to be stumped. Even flinging his bat to get back safe wasn't enough to save him from getting out. Kami, got in the action with five wickets in his first two overs to knock off the Brunei batsmen as they finished off at 33 after 21.2 overs.

The game turned out to be a no-contest as Bhutan won the game in four overs. They now face their biggest test when they play Qatar, who is without doubt, the strongest side of this group, tomorrow at the Prem Tinsulanonda ground.

Man of the Match: Lakshmi Prasad Kami

Five wickets and no runs conceded was reason enough for Lakshmi Prasad Kami to collect his first Man of the Match award of this tournament.

Bhutan v Brunei, Chiang Mai Gymkhana Ground
Brunei won the toss and chose to bat
Brunei: 33 off 21.2 overs (L. Kami 5-0)
Bhutan: 34 – 1 after 4 overs

Man of the Match: Lakshmi Prasad Kami (Bhutan)

Filed December 17 2006