Following proposals formulated at the latest Development Committee meeting in Pakistan, the Asian Cricket Council Executive body will be meeting in Pakistan in December to consider a number of key issues as it seeks to formulate policies geared towards the key issue of the next few years: 2011 World Cup qualification.

"Asia's World Cup that year focuses the spotlight on the activities of us the development body responsible for Affiliate and Associate nation progress," says ACC Chief Executive, Syed Ashraful Huq.

Five of the six 2011 qualifiers could be from the ACC's 18 member countries. "Not only will achieving qualification be a demonstration of the strength of the Asian game, it'll be a fair measure of our own performance. To that end we will be devoting resources and revenues from the Asia Cup, a Twenty20 competition and the Afro-Asia Cup," continued Mr. Huq.

"The ACC will be implementing a new step-by-step development program tailored to the need of each country with the ability to qualify for the 2011 World Cup," affirmed ACC Development Manager Sultan Rana.

Filed December 01 2006