Dr. Liu Jingmin, a prominent sports educator at China’s premier educational establishment, Tsinghua University in Beijing, has composed a cricket instruction book, Banqiujichujiaocheng (‘Cricket Sports Coaching’) for use across the People’s Republic. 1500 copies of the 312-page manual have been printed for distribution amongst the 107 ACC-Cricket Australia certified coaches active in cricket education across the country along with further sporting institutions. “It is a very good achievement by Dr. Liu,” said Secretary General of the Chinese Cricket Association Liu Rongyao, “In China people learn by doing and by thinking. This book for the Chinese people is a good tool to work with.”

The book is an in-depth instructional guide outlining the fundamentals of playing and coaching and has action photographs of the leading men’s and women’s national players along with line-drawings, an outline of the history of the game and a reproduction of the Laws of Cricket. The book took two years for Dr. Liu, an ACC-Cricket Australia Level II qualified coach and umpire, to complete. “I wished to do it to help advance China’s cricket. I hope that it is of use for now and the future,” he says.

The ICC and ACC Chief Executives with Dr. Liu Jingmin, Shenyang, August 2009

For his efforts, Dr. Liu was presented with an ICC Centenary Medal by ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat during China’s National Championships, at which Dr. Liu officiated. He also has the gratitude of the ACC and CCA. “We believe cricket has a great future in China and those who use this book, to paraphrase Deng Xioaping, will truly find it to be one of ‘the stones with which to cross the river’,” says ACC Chief Executive Syed Ashraful Huq.

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Filed Aug 21st, 2009