ICC Chief Exective Haroon Lorgat with Mei Chun Hua and and ICC Special Adviser Inderjit Singh Bindra, Shenyang, August 5 2009

All-rounder Mei Chun Hua has one goal in life: to play for China in the November 2010 Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou. "Playing for China in such a big competition is the dream of many in my country and I have chosen cricket to be my sport," says the 24-year old Marketing graduate of Shanghai's Tong Ji University, "it is the only thing I do until the Asian Games are over."

Apart from one season missed for her final year exams, Mei has been playing cricket non-stop ever since she first picked up a bat in September 2006 at the Shanghai Cricket Club. She was China Women's first captain (at the inaugural ACC Women's Tournament in 2007) and has been a fixture in the team ever since, putting on yards of pace every year under the watchful eye of national coach Pakistan's Rashid Khan. She is currently the fastest bowler in China and is a decent bat too.

Mei Chun Hua in action at the ACC Women's Twenty20 Championship 2009

For her textbook action, Mei was the model used in many of the action shots in the CCA Mandarin instruction manual written by Professor Liu Jingmin of Beijing's Tsinghua University.

Bangladeshi Captain Tajkia Akhtar and Chinese Captain Mei Chun Hua, 2007 ACC Women’s Tournament


Asked by ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat during the recently completed CCA National Championships in Shenyang why she has dedicated herself to cricket, to the exclusion of anything else or the multitude of job opportunities at next year's Shanghai Expo, Mei replied, " I love the game. I just love it. I love to play cricket and represent Shanghai and my university." Mei also assists with coaching in Shanghai Cricket Association and could well become China's first full-time female coach at the end of the Asian Games. For now the focus is on November 2010, "I think we can beat other non-senior teams in Guangzhou, that is our target," says Mei.

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Filed Aug 10th, 2009